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  • Car Phone Holder CD Slot Mount
    Car Phone Holder Mount CD Slot Holder Applicable to Mobile

    Regular Price: KWD 5,00

    Special Price: KWD 2,00

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  • go-des magnetic car phone holder
    360 rotation strong magnetic safety non-slip 45mm two rotation balls can be rotated to the best angle
    KWD 5,00
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  • WixGear Car Cup Holder Phone Mount 310 - Black
    No matter how fast you twist and turn when driving, this cup phone hold can hold you device securely. It provides a stable viewing environment when watching movies or photos. Whichever height you are comfortable with, you can adjust the arm up or down to reach your desired height. You can use it when driving and even when watching your favorite movies inside your car. You can completely free your hands from holding your phone with this phone holder for cup holder. Answer calls and use GPS tracking without even holding your cellphone. You can adjust the thickness of the base to fit it in any size cup holder. It can be adjusted to fit most standard car cup holder. No need for extra tools, simply remove and reuse without damage, just twist the base to fit perfectly. This phone mount can be rotated to the best viewing angle you want. Avoid glares and light reflections by simply moving it to the position best for your view.
    KWD 9,90
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  • WixGear Car Cup Mount Holder for Phone 325 - Black
    This is better than any other cup holder phone mount, made with high quality materials that holds your phone safely and securely anywhere you drive. Flexible with sidearms which can be adjusted to hold any smartphone. This fits to every car cup holder. Simply insert the base into your car's cup holder. Turn dial and the base will gradually expand inside the cup holder - making base ultra secure. This has a lot of innovative features. The neck arm is made of flexible steel letting you flex the position to your preference. Insert phone between the sidearms and adjust the width based on your device. This WixGear cup holder is 360 degrees rotatable design. This car holder for cellphone rotates just perfectly to your view, letting you view your phone without reflection caused by light. Great position to utilize your phone. This is perfect for phones equipped with GPS and or music players. Great for hand-free use. Many state laws require hands-free use of the phone in the car. Be safe and use this car mount
    KWD 11,00
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  • swissten dashboard magnetic universal car holder black
    swissten dashboard magnetic universal car holder black
    KWD 4,75
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  • swissten dashboard magnetic universal car holder with metal body black
    swissten dashboard magnetic universal car holder with metal body black
    KWD 5,50
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  • yesido holder magnet
    free rotation simple and compact easily installing strong adsorption
    KWD 4,00
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  • XO car phone holder
    strong absorption 360 rotation rearview mirror car holder 360 freely adjustable
    KWD 4,50
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  • WixGear Car Phone Holder 325 - Black
    Car phone holder-325 Car phone mount with super sticky gel pad sticks securely to most surfaces. This car mount can be attached tightly on any plane surface inside your car to the best view from your car seat. You don't have to worry if it gets a little dirty after repeated absorption, at this time, all you have to do is rinse it by water and air dried, the suction can be restored. This phone holder locks and releases your device with just a push of a finger. The width of the holder is adjustable to most smartphones. A phone mount that prevents your phone from unwanted damages. This dash mount provides you good view while you're on the road, definitely will not block your sight. It has 360 degrees rotation, a mount for car that can turn your phone horizontally or vertically. This car cellphone holder for android and apple phone has a sturdy adjustable arms that makes you bring your phone closer or far from you. It holds your phone to your best viewing angle while driving.
    KWD 8,90
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